Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey, Grandma!

 I got a bit sidetracked with a visit from this guy!  He was too shy at first and I felt bad.   It doesn't take long to have withdrawals from both of us!  I do enjoy seeing him play and 'get ideas'!  He didn't want me to take his picture, he wanted to be the camera man!
 He took a 'selfie' ...
 His view of me....
Grandpa on the computer...
And a great one of Mommy and Bling!
 Ashley wanted to relearn how to crochet.  She had learned how when she was a girl but now wanted to do things again.  (Football season is upon us and we need something to do in front of the tv with our guys that requires thinking!)  She caught right on to the Granny Square pattern.
During one of Will's naps, we did a design wall exercise.  I have taken up the challenge on a friend's blog to pull out orphan blocks and put them in a quilt.  Since that is not something I collect,  I dug out my box of samples from my Grandmother and Ashley and I arranged and rearranged them until we had a pleasing layout.   Now I have to fine-tune and add borders to each block so they can be sewn together.  It is another good brain exercise for me!
Goodbye until Friday Will!
 When it came time to work the heel on the second sock, I did my usual heel.   I just didn't like doing the many wedges of the Sweet Tomato heel of the first sock.
See, the sock on the bottom, the S.T. heel, it just looks deformed.  In case you haven't noticed, I like what I like and while I like hearing about new, I rarely switch my technique because they work so well for me!  I will gladly rework the first sock so they match!  I also changed the leg portion ribbing of the second sock into a twisted 1 x 1 rib and I am liking that better , too.  


  1. I agree - the tomato heel looks very odd to me! I tried it once and decided that I don't like it. and I know how my son always had issues during the first few days, when his grandparents visited. a year is a long time for a small kid and it always looked as if he was meeting a stranger! the downside of living far away:( it gets easier when they get older....

  2. Your little grandson is so cute! I can understand why he would be so shy around you. My family lives half way across the country and when the kids were small they were very shy too especially our over shy daughter. I love the quilt squares! And of course your sock.

  3. Hmmm... yeah, the tomato heel does look odd... and I don't even know what odd looks like yet, lol! I will be starting my own heel this weekend so maybe I better shut up

  4. What a little angel! I would be hugging and kissing him to death.
    I agree with staying with the tried and true. There is a reason somethings are knitting classics.

  5. Oh, I am glad for you, but jealous, too! I miss the kids!

    You made me nervous for a minute that you were going to make me wear two different heels...phew! I should have known better than that.:)


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