Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Stuff

 I worked on this today.   Quilting the borders on the quilt for Millie.  I take the quilt off the frame and then repin to work each of the borders separately while positioned at the top.  It is a bit more time consuming but it works for me on larger quilts!
 I let the finished part just hang out of the way and work away.
 I slide back and forth on my chair-it is nice to work free motion and not have to stand up the whole time to do a pantograph!   I will need to do more of this kind of work.
 While I was quilting, Bill was getting ready to hook up the pool cleaner when he got a surprise!
 This guy was in the skimmer and struck at Bill when he took the cover off!   Sure did get some adrenaline flowing!  This picture is of the dead pygmy rattler (which is devoid of rattles btw) because my daughter taught me that you, 'dead them first, and then photograph' .  Wise words which I employ every time!  All in a days work, huh, Bill?!  (September is a busy time for our poisonous snakes-it is mating season so they range farther looking for mates and they are very aggressive.    I had noticed one of the cats staring at the pool earlier and didn't investigate;  I am glad I missed first dibs on this adventure!
 The quilt is finished and delivered!
 And the next one is loaded on in its place!  Another quilt for Millie using antique nine patches.
And in between the usual fun times, I did this.......


  1. Goodness, that snake would have given me a heart attack. We've seen some copperhead skins in the yard and I'm scared to death the pup will find one before I do.
    Love, love, love those quilts. Your machine quilting is truly amazing. If I ever win the lottery, that's the first thing I will buy!

  2. Nice rush of productivity before you put that last picture to use!!

    I love the 9-patch block turned on its side like that...very dainty.

  3. puh, am I glad that apparently St patrick chased all snakes away from this island (Darwin would say they never made it back after the last ice age:)! and it looks like you've been busy with quilting again! safe travels....

  4. The quilts are beautiful... the snake is not, lol!

  5. Pretty quilts!

    Yikes! That would be a scary surprise! Eeeek!

  6. Snakes! Yikes!!!

    Beautiful quilts.

  7. Ewww! I hope I never see a snake here. I've prayed for a barrier to stop them coming on our block! The most common snake here is also one of the most poisonous and very aggressive!


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