Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oh, Yes!

After leaving the shawl overnight, I remembered I had to rinse the shawl to remove the excess dye, then I had to heat set it-just a few minutes in the microwave and then block it all out to dry again but it was so worth it!  It dried very quickly in our warm sunshine.
 I will try this again without any hesitation!   It was very easy to get the watercolor look to the different regions and it will be fun to try it on different knitting projects as long as they are flat...
 I can't wait to wear it!  (This was knit from KnitPicks limited run Bare angora yarn so it is so soft and has a slight halo-delicious!)
 I am working on the Nob Hill Hawthorne yarn for a pair of socks for Marsel.
I worked out that neat lace insert for the top of the socks and it totally bombed in the busy color variations-it just overwhelmed the lace pattern so I ripped it out and just moved the Zigzagular sock pattern over a bit so I could accommodate the extra stitches on the side for the execution of the
Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Bordhi.  While it was easy to do, it can't beat my use of the regular short row heels.  Maybe it's just because this was new but unless this pair fits SO much better than the regular one, I won't be visiting this kind of heel again.  Of course,  I will use it on the next sock first!
I have the skeins purchased for the next two Geology Shawls-the Northwest Region and the Georgia Clay Region!  I will be winding the balls and casting on the GA one today!


  1. The shawl came out gorgeous!!!! So funny, I was looking at that Bare Hare yarn the other day and thinking of buying it. I better hurry because it's limited.

  2. GORGEOUS!!! Please bring it with you when you come so that I can see it (feel it) in person. :)

    Thanks for making my sock heels match...I really appreciate it! ;)

    I am looking forward to watching the strata develop on the next shawl!

  3. What a spectacular finish! I love that subtle watercolor effect.

  4. What a beautiful shawl! I love the gradation in it, and the bottom two skeins look lovely - especially that orangy one.

    I hope the Sweet Tomato Heel fits you as well as it does me, because I love it. But then again, I don't know what short-row heel you use, so I can't compare.


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