Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 When I was living in NY, I set out all my Fall decorations on the first of September.   Well, habits die hard and so I still decorate the house with  colors of Autumn but outside, I have to look harder for the signs but they are there!
 The Ginger cones all begin to turn red in the Fall;  see the cluster of them in the background?
 They are lovely pops of color all over the front yard.
 The sky is a good indication of the changing of the seasons-we get a periwinkle cast to our blue.   The clouds build like this every afternoon since our temperatures are still so high (90's)
 Several flowers just hunker down and wait out the high summer temperatures and then as soon as they detect a reduction in the heat, they bloom like crazy!
The Camellias have large buds-they will be bursting out in October so this month their buds really swell.
 The Magnolia tree puts out a blush to its cones, too, in the Fall.
And then they ripen like the pine cones do and provide luscious seeds for the birds, squirrels and mice!  


  1. For goodness sake, I was just looking at Magnolia cones and wondering what they were. Now I know!

  2. Pretty! How big are the ginger cones?

  3. We planted several camellias a few weeks ago but, of course, they are not in flower here. The azaleas are all but finished -- they are so pretty but don't last long! All the day lily plants are flowering in the warm spring weather -- they'd better make the most of it; this will be their last spring! We live right next to the 'the bush' and they seed too freely becoming weeds in areas where they shouldn't be!


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