Saturday, February 7, 2015

Curtains And Panels

 Recipe for some finishing touches:  do a series of measuring and match so you can cut some cool border print fabric into appropriate size chunks, do a bunch of pressing and straight stitching then,
 press it again!  It is beginning to get exciting now.  We made two sections of two panels each for each window-both are very long!  Mom and I work well as a team;  she even learned how to use the serger for the hems!
 Once you hang them onto their spacious rods, you have a very spiffy new valance that fits the wonderful new dining room!  I will give you a picture of the other window and the kitchen window next time!
 The last tile went up on the ceiling Friday morning and now the furniture is back in place.
 Everything is so wonderfully clean and shiny;  it is very inviting.
 Even the little bedroom looks bright and comfy!  It has been a month since they arrived and the house has been in 'remodel' mode the whole time but Mom and Dad are ready for some down time!
 After a nap, I made some lavender and rice hand warmers!  It is just chilly enough in the mornings to appreciate this extra perk!  It is a fun and easy gift, too.
My King Orchid is going to do her thing again!  I am very excited to see the blooms plump more and more every day!
While we were creating curtains, Bill was at work increasing the number of solar panels from 7 to 10.  He has two more to put up at a later time.  We are trying to get the pool temp up for my sister's visit next week!
He is a good Jack-of-all-trades kind of guy!


  1. Wow!!! Bruce and I will need to take a second honeymoon in that beautifully-spiffed place sometime! :)

    Dad's "Jack" skills have certainly blessed an untold number of people over the years -- us included. The kids are looking forward to trying out the upgraded pool -- I have no plans for that on this trip!

  2. The transformation is amazing! What a cozy little cottage you created. As for that die for!

  3. I had to come back and look again this morning -- those rooms are still as beautiful as I remembered them looking last night!!!

  4. I am sure your parents will appreciate all that work - looks very cozy again! and a heated pool - hm, I think I wouldn't mind swimming in it just now - as long as it's covered (we only have 4 deg. C and fog:(). though with all of us with a fat cold - a finnish sauna might be healthier?:)

  5. Very nice makeover! Hope the extra solar panelling does the trick!

  6. What beautiful, light and airy bedrooms! I love the colors!

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