Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Knitting and Kiddies

 This shawl has been sitting in my naughty bucket.   It was too heavy, too small and hateful to knit.  I ripped it out after showing it to Marsel, (it is for her afterall)  and told her all the reasons why it has to be ditched.  She trusts me.
 I have a cake of yarn to begin a new shawl, new idea and bigger needles!
 Marsel helped me make a new batch of soap-peppermint / oatmeal soap-the family favorite!
 Will came to join in with the Georgia cousins and my sister and Alicia!  They were watching Frozen together!  A visit was wonderful!
 Mealtime was so much fun-twice the entertainment!
Mom knit a pair of Boot cuffs-she used Chunky Paton's yarn-they are so soft!  These are heading north with Alicia!
Everyone is heading to bed early-we are all very tired from all the fun!
Ella says she feels sick-she ate some chicken nugget in front of the tv watching a movie with Abigail just before bedtime!  It is so nice to have kids time....

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  1. Fabulous family time!
    What precious memories in the making....


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