Thursday, March 12, 2015

Men at Work!

 The guys have planned to paint the metal roof with epoxy since there was so much rust developing on this 35+ year old roof!
 It started out well but like most DIY projects, it took longer than expected and you couldn't stop because once the bucket was opened, you had to finish it or it would harden!
They kept at it though woozy from fumes and the blazing sun but it sure was worth it when they saw how much improved the roof looks now!  They did a great job!
Even the worker bees were busy!   The orange blossoms are incredibly sweet right now!
What were Mom and I doing?   Slicing, sewing and stacking up blocks for a quilt!


  1. What a job! Kudos to the men for sticking with it.
    How wonderful it must be to have Mom there to sew with. I am missing Daddio like crazy tonight. I was working on his Christmas quilt in progress and it made me so sad. I am trying to get it finished so I can take it to him. It might jog a memory or two. He did know my name yesterday so things are looking up.

  2. The roof looks fabulous!

    Wish I could be there to smell the orange blossoms and to sew with you and Gram...

  3. You ladies are busy bees!! Love the smell of orange blossoms. Sharon

  4. Orange blossoms... love the way they smell.
    So that's what you do with a metal roof. I've been curious about them. They look lower maintenance than shingles

  5. Definitely busy as bees -- male and female (hi,and not bees!)


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