Friday, May 22, 2015

Rainbow and Sky

We had a break in the basement project and dyed some Bare Superwash Roving from KnitPicks.  We used Jacquard dyes. 
Two different rovings and two different colorways.  The first a rainbow series and the second, the sky in gradated blues. 
After a bake in the oven to exhaust the dye, we let it cool and used the salad spinner to well, spin out the water from the roving! 
Both of the rovings fully exhausted!  Hooray! 
We set them on the deck railing and let the sun dry them for us! 
Oh, so pretty! 
While we waited for them to dry, Marsel bent my arm to get to work on this project that I keep putting off.  It is from Eli's car seat that I recovered back in January!  It was fiddly and frankly I lost my mojo for it but it needed finishing.  All of my words to 'tackle such monster projects head on' that I have given to my daughter came bouncing right back to me full force;  she rather enjoyed blasting them my way!   I did it. And it turned out great! 
She knew I could do it and how wonderful it would be to have it done an ready to use!  
 And the rovings....well, they make your heart sing!
Rainbow and sky both.  Now to keep the cats off them...they love them for quite another reason!


  1. Oh my gosh--your rovings are so gorgeous--do you spin? I am an avid knitter always looking for hand dyed yarns...especially love those blues....hugs,Julierose

  2. Holy moly girl! Do you ever just sit DOWN???? You are always up to something fantastic.

    The rovings look great!

  3. Lots of smiles on so many levels! :)

  4. I love Jacquard dyes! So vibrant

  5. They DO make my heart sing! What lovely colors you produce.

  6. lovely rovings - I esp. like the sky colours (probably because it's still only grey here:)
    enjoy the spinning!

  7. Oh...the rovings are spectacular. I have an empty wheel at the moment and have been thinking about getting out the dyes for some pre-TdF mischief. I've got so much white fleece calling my name. You might have just pushed me over the edge.


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