Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Working Hard

In between the real work in the basement, there are still the regular chores to household running to be done-the cats add pleasure to each task!  She helped me each step even while putting them away! 

The guys have to help with the big stuff-lifting such weight is beyond our capabilities, though we do push the limits to get the job done! 
Mindy helps with the boxes of sorting and throwing away....a few treasures are staying like this book.
(I like the old lady who knits!) 
After a bit of basement work, we had to head to Abigail's casting appointment.  She has to have these series of casts for 3-4 weeks in the Spring and Fall to correct the affects of CP  to straighten her foot.
She is a trooper at all the medical appointments she has in her life!
Here is her fashionista walking boot to go over the cast.  One week of this cast then her mom removes it for a 24 hour rest and then back to the dr to get the next one for another week.  They pull her foot and straighten it a bit more each casting.  It is working great;  they have done this several times over the last 18 months and we see grand progress.
Here she is giving me the 'but Grandma' look when I said I wanted a pic of her, too, not just her foot!  She likes being behind the camera and not in front of it like me.
In the midst of all the comings and goings, we celebrated Bruce's birthday and then took off for church!  Never slow around here! 
I am making progress on sock #2....I did have  a bit of a setback and had to rip back " after the toe because I lost my place in the pattern and couldn't make it work no matter what.  Back to the drawing board was a good decision.  I only have another night's knitting and I will be done!


  1. Onw kitty helping with the laudry and the other unpacking books.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when the family can get together and get a project moving along. It makes all the difference. Granddaughter feels the same way about cameras as I do. She is a real trooper to let Grandma use her for a model. She deserves a fancy new pair of shoes when the cast comes off!

  3. Wow, brave little girl. To quote author Davis Grubb, "Children are mankind at his strongest. They abide".


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