Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sweetening the Studio

I bought this laminated fabric at a 'new' quilt shop, it is out of the way for me but we were in town....so we stopped!  I am so glad we did!  I joined the Shop Hop for the Row by Row quilts and will get out more to collect patterns!  I had fun figuring out how to construct this tote so it would be functional and neat at the same time  I did us bias tape to cover the seams in the screen area so it wouldn't be scratchy .   
I lined it, too, so that made it interesting to figure out the construction but I got it done with only one major ooops!  I will use it on Friday when we have a big family outing....more later! 
It was raining today when Bill had planned to paint some more outdoor furniture for me so we chose a plan B.  My studio light/fan fixture had died so he removed the remains!  He did have a bit of a handicap because he had to work around Goliath!  (my quilting frame!
I have tried my hand at a bi of different for me knitting.  I saw this pattern on Craftsy and decided to try.  I was a bit surprised at the size, it is bigger than I expected (10") but it is cuddly and soft and I hope cute and lovely to a little girl. I sewed the face on while I helped Bill.
 He put up the new light/fan and it is so quiet and pretty!  We laugh because he buys these at a place called Dan's Fan City and that just gives us a smile!  Our house is filled with them!
I am giving the pattern a re-do and doing it my way this time!  (I do this with almost every pattern-the first time I try to do it their way and then I tweak it on the subsequent projects!)  I am NOT knitting it flat and seaming it.  I am knitting in the round.  I am ready for the stuffing and once I get the hat done, I think I have a few more ideas to try before I hand it over to my test toddlers on Friday!  It is a good knit so far!


  1. Okay, I had to read that again. You MADE that bag with laminated quilting fabric? It is amazing. I have more colorful words in mind but I'll keep it PG. It's absolutely wonderful, professional looking.

    The doll is cute and I like how you are going to redo it in the round according to your own methods. I am with you though, the first time, I really need to understand the construction of it, then in hindsight I can think, oh I can do it this way, or I'd prefer it like this...

    You guys are so productive at your home. Plan B. How is Plan B not just to loaf about on the couch like it is at mine? hehe.

  2. Love the doll, love the bag (really? You made that?). I couldn't live without my ceiling fans. They run 24/7 to move this hot old humid air around so we can breathe. Even the AC is no match for this humidity. Ugh.

  3. Fun bag fabric! The doll is very cute; love the vintage feel to it. Fun to do something out of the ordinary!

  4. I know Dan's Fan City lol! Love that bag!


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