Friday, July 17, 2015

TDF 2015 Day Thirteen and Wheels

This fiber is so light and soft-it is angora!  There is only a half of an ounce here!
That is it for today!
And then there were two!  Orange makes me so happy!
The self-seeding Morning Glories are blooming.  What  a beauty they are growing up the tree. 
The Mandvilla likes the heat and rain,  no aroma but plenty of showiness!
Speaking of showy;  our Toyota Yaris has been traded in after 7 years of great service... 
for a Ford Escape (2010) of the older design because I do not like the newer ones!
It is nice to sit up higher again;  the ride is wonderful! 
I have to get used to the more subtle color;  it has plenty of storage room for fabric or yarn!


  1. Your Escape is a beautiful color! That's the same color that one of my best friends has.

    Can't wait to see all the yarn that will fill the hatch! :-) Happy shopping!

  2. After mom died I took Daddio to get a new car and he picked out an Escape. I loved it. We drove it to Mexico and back by way of New Orleans. What a trip.
    That angora looks like it was fun to spin. I have a bag around here somewhere that I keep forgetting about. I think next year's Tour will be dedicated to exotic fibers. Camel? Buffalo? Bunny?

  3. Why, oh why, have I let another year go by without planting my own morning glories?! I do love them; they are such gorgeous flowers.

    Congrats on the snazzy new ride!

  4. Plenty of storage room for fabric, yarn, another long arm quilter, a loom, etc etc. lol! They are good cars


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