Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day Home

All of my Christmas cacti are in bloom!  It is beautiful to see all the plants covered with different shades of red! 
I stood and quilted at the frame off and on all day!  It is so nice to be home ;  to putter, clean, work on a project and lay down when needed....... 
The tutti-frutti quilt is off the frame! 
Speaking of fruit-I have been leaving my watercolor out so I can paint a bit in between other ideas.
It was a great day!


  1. Don't you just love days at home! Your tumbler quilt is adorable-so quaint and homey. I didn't know you painted. What don't you do?

  2. Days at home are the best, at least they are if you are a crafter!
    The quilt is beautiful, but I am just wowed by your watercolor fruits. They are so lifelike!

  3. yes, I agree, there's nothing like staying at home after exhausting days and pottering about doing just what you want to do!
    great cacti - I lost both of mine in our dysmal summer outside. tried to buy a new one, but they didn't have any for sale yet:( maybe next week? it's all full of pointsettias now:)

  4. I am still in awe of your watercolors!!!

  5. I am still in awe of your watercolors!!!

  6. It is like a luxury to have a whole day to be creative and just putter. I love those rare days. So funny, I just pulled my watercolors out the other day. Love the oranges :)


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