Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Different Kind of Color

We are just starting to see the maple trees change color but in the meantime, we have spectacular color from the Rain Trees!
The color is not from the leaves but from these seed pods! 
They are large clusters on the ends of branches. 
No aroma, just beauty!
(I know a lot of people call them nuisance trees because they make a mess but so , too, do all the falling leaves up North;  it is all in the eye of the beholder.  This eye loves spotting these trees and I love their color.


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  2. What a fun time of year to have such a big and bold bloom! I like fall color of all sorts, too...I don't even like our fallen leaves to get raked up because I love the color and crunch all over my yard!

  3. I'd rather clear the paths every day than have no decidious trees around the house! I have to brush the leaves off the pathways around the garden, because the decaying leaves make them slippery, but I leave them everywhere else! not only do they look nice, they also provide humus and add nutrients back to the soil! evergreens are ok, but there's nothing like the change of colours in autumn, I think! your tree looks lovely - I've never seen seedpods like that.

  4. Very pretty. I like the photo you took from across the street, really gives you a sense of how big it is and how much bloom it has!


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