Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November is Necks

This month, the KAL I am doing centers around anything that will cover the neck.
As soon as I dyed this Teeswater/Coltwold roving and spun it, I have pictured it knit up . 
I knit it into Zuzu's Petal cowl pattern.  As soon as you finish an item in lace, it looks awful off the needles! 
It looks like a big mistake!  (This is the back) 
But as soon as it is soaked, blocked and dried it blooms into its full knitted glory! 
Now the blob of yarn looks like it is supposed to.  The yarn is soft and even has a luster.
I like the look of a shawl without having to keep it in place.  I hope more designers try their hand at this kind of cowl.


  1. That is a very cool construction for a cowl and you knit it up beautifully!

  2. That is a different type of cowl. I love it. Hmmm......maybe that Polwarth I just spun has a project after all-when I have time!

  3. I agree! whenever I finish something in lace - I am disappointed at first, because they look like holey dishcloths:) nice pattern - though lace in the round is always a bit tricky to block...if it's a cowl that has the same width all over I block it over a foam neck roll, but when it flares at the bottom that doesn't work!

  4. Oooh, that is beautiful -- yarn, colors, and design! (The unblocked/blocked transformation never ceases to amaze me!)

  5. I just started my first Zuzu's Petals. Your makes me want to knit faster! Blocking is like magic!

  6. BLocking and blooming......yours is perfection!!!!


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