Saturday, October 31, 2015

Slow and Steady

I sat and worked on ripping out all the X blocks so I could add the brown row.  It was a job but I am so glad I knuckled under and did it! 
This top now needs borders and I have a plan all ready to put in place as soon as I go to the fabric store to secure my yardages! 
I cut out the borders for the tutti-frutti quilt.  It will go on the frame this week. 
I needed to replace curtains in one of the little rooms at church;  I had to dig to find enough yardage but found this homespun check which is more beige and green than it shows here-perfect! 
Crafty Gemini had this free download to make your own neck pillow.  Since I have a hard time holding my head up by the end of the day (or while traveling in a car!)  I thought it would be a great idea.  It was!  It is so comfortable and it doesn't dislodge every time I lean forward to grab an item from my purse or a dropped knitting needle!  I made one for Bill for in the car just because  I had enough fabric.  (These were from a pair of repurposed suedecloth pants-I hated the pants but loved the fabric....I knew they could be something useful someday!)


  1. That certainly is a good way to up-cycle! The neck roll looks very soft and comfy.

  2. Your neck pillow looks like it would be very comfortable to use. One set of chain squares between your red and orange blocks is set wrong which breaks the chain. I'm just trying to be helpful as I recently did this (misoriented part of a block) and didn't see it until I was sewing down the binding. I'd taken pictures to check my layout too! It's a pretty top and I can't wait to see how you quilt it.

    1. Good catch! Off to do some more ripping and re-stitching! Thanks!!

  3. Beautiful work all around. I'm sorry I didn't pack some hand piecing with me on my voyage to Daughter's for the week. I got the quilting bug from Pinterest last night.

  4. that's a brilliant idea - I inherited a really awful dress out of similiar fabric (just in pig-pink:() - and kept it in a box for years, because I had no idea what to use it for! doesn't work on a bicycle - but I am sure it'll work well in rocking chair or on the sofa:)

  5. I admire your sewing skills. My mom recently bought me a neck pillow and it has changed my life. No more neck pain!

  6. Great quilt! Great neck pillows!!!

  7. The quilts are just beautiful, but I'm really impressed with the neck pillow. That could make some great gifts. I'd love to be able to sew AT ALL! I love that you use your powers for good too, and were able to replace some curtains at church. Great kindness.

  8. Love that tutti fruitti quilt too! It puts me in mind of retro 50's design for some reason

  9. The quilt is gorgeous!!! Gotta love rainbow order. :)

    May I put in my order for a neck pillow?! :)

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