Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baby Steps

I finished the basic watchman's cap of Paton's Classic Wool on #7 needles while I warm up for the day.  I am having a bit more up time but it is too little according to my desires!  lol 
I have a new smaller (4 1/2") tumbler block accuquilt die and it works great on the 5" charm packs!
You will be seeing more of this in the future! 
This Staghorn Fern is our latest acquisition!  It will be placed in a special planter and hung in the pool area as it will have to be babied this winter! 
And this stunner is a pond plant gifted to us from our gardening friend, Sandy.
I don't know what it is but it is large and beautiful! 
Our golden furry cat, Bling, finds a place around the house and stays there for 6-8 weeks and then moves to a new spot.  It's weird but we've come to understand it is normal for him.
We lost him a few weeks ago and had quite a hunt to find him but here he is! 
It is the very large Camphor tree just behind the garage.  He doesn't have front nails from his house cat days but he still manages to run up this tree to his 8' high perch.  He comes down and visits if he hears me on the front porch and also comes in to eat several times a day!
It's funny because we drive the golf cart to his tree, he jumps down onto the roof of the cart and then joins us on the front seat for a drive.  We return him to his perch on the return trip.
We love our cats! 
We know its Fall because the Cassie tree is in bloom!
(this is the Candlestick Cassia)


  1. That is one adorable kitty!
    Those tumblers are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I love that hat pattern. It looks great in that yarn.

  2. Oh, Bling!!! The fern is so pretty...I love when plants names that make sense. :)

    The hat is beautiful! I know is "just" ribbing, but the color and textures are so pretty.

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

    Bling is adorable. I love that he likes to ride in the golf cart. Giroux actually likes riding in the car. That surprised me.

  4. Bling... is he part Maine Coon? That's the sort of thing a coonie would do. They definitely have big personalities. We have one of those water plants too. I love when they bloom.


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