Monday, October 26, 2015

Studio Time

I won a pack of hand dyed fabrics from a fellow blogger's site.  This is the blog that has the RainbowScrapChallenge each year-I won't use this fabric in my rainbow quilt but I see a browns quilt in my near future. 
This month's work is the brown row.  I got right to work on the cutting and organizing.  A design wall sure helps! 
Then when this little center panel of tumbler blocks got in the way, I finished sewing them together! 
By then I was ready for a bit of down time-Stormie 'lives' in our bedroom so I enjoy play time with her.  Feathers, yarn balls and bottle caps litter the floor!  She likes to 'hide' in the corner.
She is so cute! 
After a good romp, she took a long nap with me! 
When I got back up, I made a batch of soap, peppermint smell fills the house!


  1. Mmmmm.....I can smell that peppermint from here. I've got a new bottle ready to go myself. It's still my favorite.
    I miss the design wall I had over at Daddio's. I'm so cramped here I can't even get to a wall.

  2. Cute stuff, the kitty and her name. hehe. I love your design wall, what a great great work space.

  3. Yum, peppermint soap! Nice fabrics and quilts, too.


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