Thursday, October 29, 2015

Comfort Knitting...

I am knitting away on the Meadow Silk Vest I am making for myself for THIS winter.
It is an easy knit, perfect for my present mental state!
I am battling another UTI;  which is really just the same one I have been battling since June of this year.  Is there such a thing as a chronic UTI?!  I am living proof.  
I am now beginning a 30 day course of antibiotics to hopefully eradicate this infection once and for all!   
I have been working on the blanket for my new-to-come grandson.  I am not going to have it done by the baby shower in a few weeks but it will be done by his birth in December!
I finished his brother's in the hospital the night he was born!
A good example of extreme knitting! 
I have also puttered a little in the studio.  I finally committed to adding the brown row to the rainbow scrap quilt and had to rip off the top row and then separate the blocks and THEN rip out the X blocks so I could incorporate the brown squares in there.  I had thought to end the quilt with this row so now I have to undo and re-do to change my mind;  hence all the hemming and hawing to weigh the work this mind change would entail!
(The X block on the left is done-the two on the right haven't been)


  1. Love the shading on the quilt. Beautiful.

    There definitely IS chronic UTIs. The only antibiotic that works for me for UTI is Cipro. It's a nasty drug, but it does kill the UTI bugs. Hope you'll be able to kick this one. They certainly are painful.

    Take care of yourself. HUGS, Dee

  2. Oh, no...feel better. That's a lot of amazing things happening in spite of it all!

  3. You could probably do the entrelac blanket in your sleep by now! :)

    Ugh, all of the ripping and rearranging looks like a lot of work, but the results sure are pretty!

    1. I think boredom is the problem.....that and the fact I keep finding new things that are engaging mentally!
      As for the quilt, I am keeping the goal in mind.....

  4. I thought I was the UTI queen. I tried cranberry pills and they did not work.
    I have heard of staying on a low dose of antibiotic to keep them at bay.
    let me know if you succeed!

    1. I will be sharing the good news in a month, I hope!

  5. Not to second guess your Dr, but I was told I had the same issue and had antiB for 6 months. No help. Once off meds it was back to the same old same old. Then I was diagnosed with IC. Now I know I have to stay away from soft drinks, lemonade or anything with caffeine or citrus. Have a urologist look into IC. Hope it gets better.

    1. They are exploring that, too, but there has been a positive diagnosis of a nasty bacteria so that has to be dealt with! A Urologist is on my horizon.....oh, joy.

  6. Yeah, I think UTI's can be chronic, if I remember my medical stuff. So sorry :( Hope you feel better soon. When you and Bill are feeling better, maybe we can go to the quilt shop, then hit that diner in Palatka and see if we live through it, lol!


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