Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prototype Idea

I purchased a gel skin for my cell phone;  it makes it so much easier to hold!
And it doesn't hurt the eyes now either!
I've been waiting for this to arrive so I would have the proper dimensions for an idea I had.
I do NOT want to walk around with one hand holding my phone all the time but I do like having the phone near.  I thought a shoulder pocket would be just the thing. 
The best part;  the front of the phone has a vinyl window so when the phone rings or I get a notification, I just tip the phone up toward me without removing it and I can see or answer or text back!  I have some bugs to work out but I will post a tutorial soon so you could make your own!


  1. Very cool!

    I lucked out on a phone cover a few weeks ago. My original one cracked along the edge. Because I don't have the newest Galaxy phone, S5 covers were reduced. Got a real nice on for $2.98 with my company discount.

  2. Brilliant. Now I just need a smart phone to go with it. I got a frantic phone call yesterday from my friends who were expecting me at lunch yesterday. It was odd for me to be a no show so they were worried. It seems they had all texted me to tell me about the luncheon without realizing my ancient phone doesn't do text.


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