Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Middle of the Week

I stayed up late again to see this flower isn't ready yet!
It is like waiting for a pregnant pet to give birth..... 
This morning I dug through the stash to find some fabrics to make this wall hanging.  I am dreadfully short on pretty greys!  I will be making a few alterations on the pattern so it will be a Sandhill Crane and not a Heron.  Sure, I can do anything;  I am a quilter! 
When the sun came out today after looking like it was going to rain all morning but didn't,  I laid the contents of the bag of fleece out on the sidewalk.
I have three different animal fleeces here.
The white is very coarse-maybe an older animal.
The dark grey is also very coarse but a few sections have some nice fiber.
The brown is the most promising;  it is some very promising fiber.
I will be carding up some and giving it a test spin.
For now, it is back in the bag waiting for me!
(the cats thoroughly enjoyed the inspection-sniffing and rolling and trying to steal some locks!  I had quite a time corralling them so I could do my own inspection!) 
I cast on Entrelac baby blanket number two for this year;  I am knitting this in acrylic yarn called Prism on number 7 needles.  I cast on 100 stitches and then work 10 entrelac squares across the row with side triangles at each side.  I learned how to knit backwards on this pattern so I don't have to turn the work!  A plus when the blanket grows in size!
I have a baby shower to attend in one month-can I get this done on time?!  The race is on! 
I caught Stormie inspecting this project-or maybe she is centering it for my picture!
She is normally very shy and runs when she sees a camera!  I tried to wait for her to look up to me because she is cross-eyed and is so sweet!  I got the other end instead....cats.


  1. Fleece adventures are fun! I am still kicking myself for not picking up something new at the fiber fest last weekend.
    It looks like it's going to be raining here forever so I suppose it's just as well. My indoor kitties won't leave fleeces alone either. My outdoor kitties could care less.

  2. I am quilter, hear me numbers too big to ignore... Sing it! Can't wait to see this project!

  3. talking about putting yourself under pressure:) but the colours of the blanket yarn look lovely... I hope you can make use of the new fleece, sounds like a lot of work to me! lately I have been too lazy to do my own preparation on fleeces and bought most of it as batt or top. no good time to wash fleeces this year as the weather was mostly too wet to put it out somewhere to dry:( but there's still no shortage of stuff to spin in my bags:)

  4. Cats make every mundane task an adventure!

    Are you going to put that little touch of scarlet on the crane?


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