Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Slow Saturday...

I am halfway through the quilting on this vintage quilt for Millie.
The motif  design is intricate but it covers 12" in a pantograph row so I make good progress each pass!
I got the next two sections of roving ready for spinning after a bit of quilting.
(Quilting is done standing up and I last only so long!)
This roving was a bit too dense, perhaps during the dyeing or packing or shipping so I had to tease open the length of the roving so the fibers would draft for spinning. 
You get to know your fiber when this step needs to be added;  it is a good way to learn the length of the fiber so you can give it a good consistent spin!  It is a good way to save a roving that might have become a bit felted during the processing. 
After spinning and plying, I wound the skein off the bobbin onto the winder.  You can see how the skein transitions from pastel to intense color!  The colors lined up almost perfectly except for a bit in the middle of the skein-funny how it works out!  All told, a very good spin. 

Doesn't this look wonderful!  I almost always pop my new skeins right into water for a good soak and then hang them to dry so they will be ready for use when I need them.
Now I have two skeins of 4 oz of BFL to knit!


  1. That's a pretty quilting design -- prefect vintage-y feel for that quilt.

    The yarn looks like candy!

  2. Mmmm....yummy yarn. I love the way the colors played so nicely together. Lovely quilting, too!

  3. Lovely quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with the yarn.

  4. I love it! The patchwork and the quilting design

  5. Wow! The colors in that yarn are like candy! The detail quilt photo is very nice too.

  6. Love the way your pink / multicolor yarn came out - it's gorgeous!

  7. Love the way your pink / multicolor yarn came out - it's gorgeous!


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