Friday, September 18, 2015

Get Cereus!

I have been watching my Cereus plant just hoping for a bud so I can stay home and see it bloom this time!  Yippee! 
I will check it every day so I won't miss it! 
I finished the dish cloth/hot pad done in double knitting.  It was ok to do, I did get more coordinated as I went along but now I am having second thoughts about making a hat with this technique.
I do like the look of this-it does remind me of double weaving!
We will see when I put this to use again. 
Millie brought over another quilt-she is making great progress putting all the vintage blocks she inherited, to good use!
I will quilt it with a daisy pantograph. 
We have a new rug in the tv room.  I like the name my daughter gave it-chocolate swirls!
It is so thick and cushiony!  (The old rug is moved to a room with less traffic.) 
And to match, a runner at the front door.
It's nice to have a great perker upper like this! 
Of course, all the cats had to come and sniff it out!  Nyki approved! 
I also received a 'new' toy.......a cell phone!  A smart phone!
I am still getting acquainted but it's not so different from my laptop or kindle so I am maneuvering pretty easily!
I sure appreciate the connection to my family and friends that technology gives me!


  1. A smart phone!!!! I don't have one yet. They are too pricey for retired teachers but I sure want one. As soon as I get my first Social Security check I'm heading straight to Verizon!
    I was in Ikea yesterday oohing and aahing over the rugs. I love rugs but my cats throw up too much to make them practical-not to mention what Pup might do on one. They make a room so cozy and it's the time of year for cozy. I love yours.

  2. Me again....I had to go look up your plant. That's a pretty cool thing that it does. I sure hope "we" get to see it!

  3. Love the rug by the door. Glad Nyki approves. LOL

    I love my smart phone. It fills so many purposes.

  4. Love the rug by the door. Glad Nyki approves. LOL

    I love my smart phone. It fills so many purposes.

  5. You'll get addicted to the smart phone, I'm afraid. They are pretty nifty. The rugs are gorgeous :)

  6. Lots of fun textures, colors, and geometric patterns in this post!


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