Monday, September 14, 2015

Mastering a Monday

I worked this morning, trying to utilize my best time of day but it was still tough to get my fingers to thread the unpolished amber stones with glass beads onto the thread!  I remembered to save out a few stones to make earrings to match!  My mother-in-law brought me these stones from a trip to Poland many decades ago.  (She still had family there which she visited every few years!) 
After much recliner time because of another UTI, (guess who has to see a urologist now-oh, joy!)
I managed to finish the Wild Leaves Mitts! 
These are made with superwash wool I spun and dyed with indigo.  I used about 155 yards on number two needles. 
This evening, Bill took me for a golf cart ride to pick our bunch of bananas that are ready! 
The flower stem gets so long when it is ready to be picked!   
There is another bunch that will be ready in another month! 
This is growing at the base of the banana trees- 
The texture is amazing! 
Bling takes this daily ride with us.  He sits and waits for us to come back and continue the tour!
He is a sweetie! 
We will take the bananas back to the house to finish ripening.  You have to cut the banana from the bunch to hasten ripening.  It's pretty cool.  I can taste it now....


  1. Bling is adorable!!!

    Your amber stones are so pretty. The strung up into a beautiful necklace and earrings.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. UTIs are NO fun.

  2. Poor you...I hope you feel better soon.
    Mmmm...fresh banana must be wonderful. Kitty is so cute sitting there so patiently.

  3. The jewelry is gorgeous!

    I was thinking that you have to hurry and get the bananas in before the first frost...even after all these years as a southern girl, I still think like a northerner sometimes! :)

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  5. I'm half Polish (Osowski) and love amber. You necklace and ear rings are beutiful. Wild Leaves Mitts are very nice especially the color. Bananas! You sure are lucky. Hope you're feeling better.


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