Friday, September 25, 2015

Spinning but Not Dizzy!

I haven't done any spinning since my frenzy for the Tour de Fleece in July.
I won this *braid of BlueFacedLeicester from the Ravelry group, FiberPusherPodcast for spinning the most yarn. 
The colors are all over the place and so it is entertaining to spin as the colors feed through your fingers!
I separated the braid of roving into four parts; each gets its own bobbin and then two are plyed to make a skein.  I like short repeats like this so I can make a pair of mittens or a pair of socks; both items are a good choice for this kind of fiber. 
The bobbin looks so differently than I expected looking at the fiber in the braid;  part of why dyeing and spinning can be so creative and spontaneous! 
I now have 150 yards of fingering weight yarn!

*Here is  link to the artist's insight for this fiber's dyeing process!


  1. Watching how the colors play out in multi-colored fiber or yarn as it's being worked mesmerizes me!

  2. Interesting how it all came together. That is a very pretty color combo.


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