Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back Home AGAIN!

I said goodbye to the wonderful to be with them for the week. 
So much love and fun to be with them (and their parents)!   
I will miss Kai, too!  He is a master jewel thief!
Thursday afternoon I drove home;  coming into my and yard and is a good consolation and reunion!
Friday and Saturday mornings my friend , Loree, came to finish piecing her art quilt and then to load it up on the frame and quilt it!  It was so interesting to see her 'build' her quilt and make the vision she had for it come to fruition!  Yay to see it ready for the next stage of hand embellishment! 
I am working on my Undine socks........nearing the place to start the ribbing! 
I am making good progress on the Hippocampus mitts!  I love these two colors together!
Complementary colors are always a success! 
I had a bit of a learning curve with the thumb-when you knit down to the place for the thumb which you know because you get to try it on, you stop on the mitten and use the other end of the skein to knit the thumb tip down and then attach it to the mitten.  I tried to use the three needle bind off which was suggested but it left a ridge and it bugged me.  I ripped it out-ouch!  But loaded all the stitches back where they belonged and then used Kitchener stitch to connect the one side of the thumb to the mitten and then you 'knit' the other half of the thumb stitches as part of the body of the mitten.  It worked beautifully!   
Today, after sharing Loree's ta-da moment, Bill and I drove south to Lake Mary for our friend's youngest son's wedding.  It was good to see them and share the joyous occasion.

(For a homebody, I sure have been away from home a lot this year. Not complaining, just noticing... )


  1. Socks, mittens, quilts, weddings, birds and post ever. Welcome home!

  2. The mitts are going to be gorgeous!

  3. Love the blue and coral pretty.

    Hope you get the chance for a few deep breaths this week!

  4. Thank you again for all your help :-D


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