Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let's Take a Walk

I have some 'under-the-radar' knitting that I can't share and I did mending today which isn't really of much interest for the blog so instead, let's take a bit of a front yard tour:
Something has been eating this young bush, Angel's Trumpet, but they stopped long enough for me to enjoy this display!  The blooms are quite large but no aroma! 
There are fewer butterflies this year but this flower is still putting out quite a show in case!
These have really grown since last year;  while it is a climbing vine, we will keep it trimmed to a bush.
(Cape Honeysuckle)

Ahhh, my Hibiscus! 
And it is even beautiful when it is spent....... 
Weekly update on my Cereus bloom;  perhaps it will bloom on the full moon Sunday evening! 
The Flapjack Cactus!  Very happy with several babies that I can now transplant!


  1. So pretty! That honeysuckle is gorgeous. I've never seen that kind before.

  2. Where have I been? you've been up to so much my goodness! I love the intrigue of your stealth knitting. hehe. Such beautiful and interesting flowers! really lovely!

  3. It's always delightful to watch how your flower season continues to bloom throughout the fall while all but the trees and pumpkins quickly wind down here!

  4. We have the firespike and cape honeysuckle down in Hollywood... love those plants. Bought the firespike in Gainesville actually


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