Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Bill found a post on the Farm site for a 10lb bag of llama fiber.  A whole fleece. 
I gave a call and she said, yes, she still had it.  It needs to be sorted and combed and dehaired but the price was right so I am game!  Anyone have any experience prepping llama fleece?! 
After we picked up the fleece, we drove to St Augustine with several errands along the way.
I finished knitting this pair of mittens.  The pattern is not published yet so I have posted it in black//white to save the eye candy until later! 
Bill's on a roll;  h found a new restaurant, Cafe Atlantica, for us to try.  Very classy place, wonderful service all leading up to an amazing plate of Seafood Gnoocchi.  I am still on a culinary cloud 9!
We stopped for a gaze at the ocean and a few deep breaths of this salty sea air!
It was packed with surfers.  It is fun to watch! 
After taking care of all of the thread tails for the mittens, I swatched this new project.  I had to work out the gauge for the pattern because I am using my own hand spun Coopworth yarn and I need the hat to fit a human not some other! 
I am excited about the results!  The KAL doesn't begin to Thursday so now I have to put the brakes on my fingers until then! 
Talk about exciting...look what is going to do its blooming!  I am going out now to see-remember, it is a night blooming flower so I have to stay up to catch a view and sniff, the aroma is very heady!


  1. Too bad I don't live closer -- I can't get to sleep tonight, so I could come over and plant-watch with you!! :)

    Your dinner sounds wonderful...

  2. Ohhhh....it's blooming time! How exciting. That fleece is going to be fun. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Those mittens are gorgeous!! Even in black and white....actually a black and white pair would be pretty. Or white and pewter, not quite black

  4. This post makes me smile. I love your husband found you a fiber steal, that you guys had a special meal and a lovely stare at the ocean. The way you described it, I could almost smell it. I might have to find the ocean this weekend again. The finished mittens are lovely. I am excited about how beautiful the green and blue colors are in your new project :)


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