Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sailing! Sailing....

Well, boating to be more accurate but that doesn't sing as well!
Our boat has had something wrong with it for quite a while now (3 1/2 yrs) so it was with great joy that we hit the seas with it today!  We launched at the public dock in Crescent City onto Crescent Lake.  I was a little nervous for our test float but it started right up! 
It was beautiful out if a bit breezy which made the lake a bit choppy. 
We cruised to the northern end of the lake into Dunn's Creek.  It was so much smoother and we could enjoy the view! And enjoy the variety of birds...cormorants, egrets (in the tree here) and ospreys!
After Dunn's creek, we traveled up the St Johns River to our favorite restaurant with a  dock, Corky Bells!  After a delightful lunch, we took the same route in reverse. 
This is the bridge over Dunn's Creek-the clouds were trying to gather and the wind did increase. 
It is quite beautiful where you re-enter Crescent Lake. 
It can be hard to locate our dock on the way home but we found this water tank is a good landmark!
The waves on the way home were quite jarring........it was good to be on land after a great trip!
It will be nice to add this excursion to our regular schedule! 
The luxury mitts are finished!  
And on my hands!


  1. Pretty mitts! For someone who lives on the Bay, I am a terrible sailor. I get seasick just thinking about being on a boat. I did canoe my way through Canada once so I can do that-as long as I can walk to shore!

  2. That lake is always choppy. We went to Corky Bell's last weekend. Put the boat in at Georgia Boys boat ramp because ... Lake Crescent was too choppy for me, lol!

  3. Glad you guys could enjoy being seaworthy again! Pretty scenery...


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