Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turkey Run, Daytona

First thing Saturday morning we finished up our ornaments!  Now they are ready to hang on our trees this week! 
When we take a day trip, I get out my knitting and I am happy to have some hand spun yarn, BFL, on the needles!  Socks are calling me.  
  Every other year, Bill and I go to the car show in Daytona and meet up with a co-worker of Bill's and his wife.  Joe has a 'vette he shows but we mostly walk around looking at the broad expanse of vehicles.
I seemed to like these beauties the best! 
How can you go wrong with BLUE! 
How old but futuristic is this?! 
But here was my favorite of the day, a Lincoln Premiere.
I can imagine myself in this and the back seat is filled with grandkids and we are on the way to the beach.... 
When I got home, I ripped out the sock and decided I was going to design some toe up big-toe- separate socks to wear with my flip flops all winter!  I have the plan all ready to knit in my head.
The big toe is complete!

Here is the secret to all my walking today-we bought this souped up walker with a SEAT so when we stood around looking under the hood of every car, I could sit every time!  It also helped with the walking because I wasn't exhausted having to keep my balance and think about each step.  It was wonderful!  


  1. You need to put some racing stripes on that walker the next time you go to the Turkey Run! :-)

    We went to New Smyrna yesterday and saw several vintage cars that I assume were heading your way.

  2. That's the same walker Daddio had and I loved it for shopping. I would put my wallet in the seat bin and off we'd go-hands free. Now I wish I'd have kept it instead of donating it. The Mister would go crazy over those cars. That's all he talks about buying..

  3. Lovely cars! Are you going to yarn bomb your walker? (JUST KIDDING!)

  4. Oh wow! Boss cars! The last time I went to Daytona, I was 19 years old and rode all the way up on the back of a boyfriends motorcycle. The good old days that I somehow survived, ha!

  5. those vintage cars remind me of old ganster films:) the open ones must be great in your climate - not so practical over here (you rarely see cabrios here... for good reason:) and a friend of mine has one of those "walkers"; they are really great when you want to look around at shows etc.! she has one of those electric "drives" for longer distances as well, but it's a nuisance to get in and out of the car and not good if the ground isn't totally flat! and I like the idea of yarnbombing yours a bit:)

  6. What great ornaments!!!! Love the cars

  7. I need to get a walker like yours. Sure would help me walk while shopping and etc. The old Chevy so are great. My first car was a 58 Chevy. Great ornaments


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