Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Flip Flop Socks!

I finished the first sock!  It looks like a regular sock here but... 
The magic happens when you can slip on your flip flops without wadding the sock between your toes! 
I like to make the leg of the sock the same length as the foot.
What is your default length? 
On to sock #2.  This sock is knit from about 150 yards of heavy fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles with 52 stitches on the foot and leg.
I spun and dyed this BFL fiber during the Tour de Fleece this summer.

(To get technical, I knit the toe and set it aside on the needles and then knit the toes as usual but only increasing on one side .   When I had them the same length to fit the toes, I knit the rounds together but set the first and last stitch of each section on waste yarn to graft last.  Too many patterns I found didn't take into account the depth of your foot so there would be a grand gap in this area.  I like filling the space up with real stitches and not just remedial work at the end.  It is pretty straight forward to knit a thumb for the toe and then to knit the toes without  the stitches for a big toe! lol)


  1. Now isn't that just the cleverest thing! Your handspun is gorgeous. I love those fun color changes.

  2. Great looking flip-flop socks! Beautiful yarn! Most of the socks I knit are 7" for the foot and 7" for the leg. I do like a long leg. Did you have someone in mind for the socks? I bet they will be thrilled! Wishing you the best of the Christmas season. Knit on!

    1. These socks are prototypes so I will keep them! I like the 7" leg, too but most in my family like a shorter leg and the men even shorter! Oh, well; more leftover sock yarn! lol

  3. How FUn! I have some pedi socks that are heel less and toe less for pedicures!

  4. Lying flat, these look like socks for a cloven-hoofed animal! Lol! Beautiful yarn and very cool pattern, especially for you Florida folk. :)

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  6. The flip flop sock is definitely a Florida thing :)

  7. Flip Flop Sock! Who knew. Not us northerns that's for sure. LOVE THEM.


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