Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas

I've said my goodbyes to all the grands and their parents.
The house is back in order and quiet once again.
It was such a blessing to have the house full. 
After all the cleaning and laundry, it was nice to have a sit down.  The minute Bill or I do sit down, there is a cat ready to join us;  they are pretty scarce during the invasion of all the peoples!
I finished all the colored bits in the Hansel shawl this afternoon. 
And later in the day I started piecing a few of the Churn Dash blocks.
Accuquilt is a wonderful invention and really helps to make a very accurate and easy to piece block. 
I did find I had to tweak the 1/4" set seam on my machine so that the piecing comes out exactly.
Now that I know what setting I need to use, the rest is a piece of cake!
This evening I started the edging on the shawl!  It took me this long to memorize the pattern repeat and get it right as the stitch count changes in the 16 row pattern!
(New grandson didn't make an appearance for my birthday or for Christmas.....we are still waiting!)


  1. Wishing you a restful New Year's Day with plenty of knitting (and kitty time) AND maybe a new grandbaby too!

  2. A New Year's baby! How exciting! Love the new quilt. It's a very vintage pattern that you have managed to make look very modern!

  3. Miss everyone but thankful for time together. Countdown until we see you again! <3

  4. Awww Our cats really miss our laps when company is over too! Waiting to hear of the BABY!

  5. What a lovely photo of the grandkids -- they are growing up so fast!


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