Sunday, December 20, 2015


This has been the flavor of this past year.  My yarn bowl is in the trash-a sweet little kitty decided that it could be knocked off my end table....inch by inch.  Too many shards to put together is a metaphor for life. 
On the other hand, there has been color and beauty.   I am enjoying the coloring and playing with colors.   
My knitting is pleasurable and moving right along-they will be done by Christmas morning!
My house is full-so is my heart!
The Decade of my Sixties is about to unfold!!!
I am bookended by two daughter-in-laws and the two youngest grand kids!


  1. Two of my yarn bowls met that same fate until I purchased a wood one! YAY for wood.

    Happy 60th ---- sweet dear you LOOK AWWESOME!

  2. happy birthday - and enjoy all the family time that's coming up! and if you don't want to loose more knitting bowls - just take a metal kitchen strainer:) it might dent, but won't break... (I'll admit that it doesn't look quite as pretty, but it is practical!)

    and happy holidays for all of you!

    Bettina (from ireland, where it's warm and wet and windy - and non-christmassy:)


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