Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I read about these cute little bowls from one of the blogs I read.
The instructions are here and I highly recommend giving one or 10 a try!
They were designed to be little thread bowls .
I like the idea and will use it for all kinds of little things! 
I used some of the scraps from the recent Christmas stockings but what a cute idea in any fabric!
The pattern calls for hand-stitching but I used a small zig-zag stitch instead and it makes this little project one I can do!  
I'm so glad I read about this-thank you for sharing yours, Karen of K's Quilting Korner;  which was a hop from the RSC2015 which is the project from So Scrappy.
This is how you find great idea and blog friends!
I put the binding on Tutti-Frutti II  and enjoyed it as much as the first one!
The Masham wool is a skein now, 240 yards of two-ply.  It softened up considerably after washing and even has a slight halo~  I will have to make up some samples for these new-to-me wools I have been spinning! 
The huge finish today, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge top is completed!
This is a BIG  quilt top-it measures 8' by 10'  !   Too big to get in the photo by myself.
Bill will have to get a ladder and hang it up on the design wall for me!
I will not be quilting this until after Christmas;  I want to at least start it before year's end. 
I chose a blue cloud fabric for the wider fabric to be the sky and a silver for the narrow border to represent a silver lining for this rainbow!
Now to think about the quilting design......


  1. That bowl is very cool! Finished quilt is so pretty -- like I said before, I love the bright borders on it. Congrats on finishing the RSC quilt! I can't wait to see it. Maybe I can help you get it onto the quilting frame while I am there! :)

  2. I needed a quick gift to make for the Yarn Babes Christmas party. I think the thread basket will fit the occasion. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very pretty fabrics in your thread catcher. How did you zig zag the sides? That would be quicker than the hand stitching. I love your tumbler quilt and the rainbow challenge quilt. I look forward to see all of the rainbow quilt because I am sure it is stunning.

  4. I do so love those tumbler quilts. As for the rainbow quilt...no words. None.

  5. that rainbow quilt already looks stunning! and the bowls - thanks for the link, will have to try that! too late for my christmas gifts (they have to go in the post too soon!) - but there's always birthdays and next christmas to think about:)

  6. I can't wait to see the rainbow challenge quilt done... it looks gorgeous so far

  7. Hi, Cindy. Thanks for finding me on RSC15. Your quilt looks beautiful, can't wait to see the whole photo. Congrats on a great job. Your little tumbler is darling. On your previous post, I found the closeup and saw you used the same fabrics I am using in a WIP, the tiny palms, the citrus peels, etc from Connecting Threads, a terrific bargain. Keep up the good work!


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