Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Done Deal!

Off the needles and flung to the floor in exaltation! 
I soaked it with citrus acid so none of those colors would run and run the color definition! 
Yes!  One shawl off those needles and in the finish queue!

Stats:  Hansel Half-Hap Shawl
Hand spun and Hand Dyed Coopworth Yarn
Size 8 needles


  1. And I got to see it before it hit the blog, which is fun. :) The pictures don't even do it justice, though!

  2. So pretty. Love the color of the contrast. And, that edging? EXQUISITE! Congrats on the beautiful finish.

  3. That is an absolute beauty! Well done! I did not know about the citric acid trick, very interesting. Look at you schooling me all the time.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That is just gorgeous! You're making me want to go rummage in the fleece shed but it's still too cold out there.

  5. I really love the handspun mixed with the other yarns. Your finish is almost like a butterfly wing......
    Great job


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