Monday, February 29, 2016

On the Fence

I've been working on this for months;  or rather I worked on this and since November, it has been languishing.  I quit when I got fed up with all the 'at the same times' in the instructions.
I could probably have this done in  a week.  I have lost the love. 
Another pattern has sent its siren song.  

To rip or just start the new pattern and see if I love it as much as I think I will.
I want a vest, not a summer tank.  It takes DK yarn-just what I am using.
You see my dilemma!??


  1. ugh oh. That vest is very cute! Perhaps, just perhaps I'll cast a summer vest on. I have never conquered the AT THE SAME TIME directions. There's just too much going on ....I usually put the pattern down once I'v read that part...and move on.

  2. Oh that is a dilemma, I'm a huge fan of the idea of a knit vest and I feel your sense of frustration for "at the same time". If the line you're waffling on is that narrow, I say go with the garment you think you'll actually wear more. Seriously, if you're gonna have brain pain, make it worth it :)

  3. If you aren't loving the knitting must be frogged. LOL Unless you TOTALLY love the finished item and are willing to slog on through.

    Maybe rewrite the portions so it makes more sense to you??? That bottom pattern looks pretty nice.

  4. Oh, dear. I feel your pain. I also HATE the "at the same time" part of any pattern. It is a necessary evil though if you want to be able to wear something. I also know that I can fall back in love with a project even after I hate it. No advice here I'm afraid. If it were me I would just be buying new yarn and starting YET another project that's going nowhere fast.


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