Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Re-Do and New Do's

We have been having a bit of trouble with our oldest cat spraying (peeing) in places where he shouldn't-mainly in my house!  We caught him spraying my wicker basket of shawls.  I'm Not a happy lady.
Shawls have to be hand washed and blocked until they dry. 
In my haste to get them all done, I washed these in the same basin.  The big one on the right which I had previously dyed, bled onto the two light colored shawls.  Oh, bother!
I blocked them out and will now have some mottled shawls.  Since the cat has had a good trouncing, so far so good on breaking him of this nasty new habit. 
I took some time to finish the January blocks for the RSC2016.  I hate to be behind.  I am now caught up on this group and for the MKAL shawl! 
These are the colors I have picked out for the February blocks according to the challenge. 
One pair of Grandma Socks for oldest grandson finished! It is a joy to knit with hand spun!
We had to go to Jax Beach for another doctor appointment today.  The beach therapy after the appointment was foggy!
It was a bit warmer than our last visit but still not as warm as I like.  It's okay, I have to go back to this same office three times next week! 
The waves were very subdued and we couldn't see very far.  I looked for shark's teeth but didn't find any.  There is always next time....... 
Today's car-ride knitting:  a hat with the color change yarn for oldest grand daughter.
It's funny, I found that the edge wants to curl a bit this time.  I didn't have any problem with that on the first three hats.  A bit of investigation shows that I placed the color change yarn on top of the yarn change each stitch for the first row.  When I changed it to being on the bottom of the color change on the other hats, no curl.  Note to self for the next hat-pay attention to which yarn is the MC and keep it on top for the stranding.  This hat will get a good blocking to flatten it out....no tinking this time around!
The colors have more contrast this combination and if I can get some more sunshine when I'm done, I will get a picture of the alternate colors!


  1. OMGosh....we are having the same issue here with the kitty spraying. My indoor cats are doing it, and even some strange visitors are spraying on the outside. Ever since the weather broke all of my surroundings smell like one big kitty box. I am thinking it's kitty mating season because they are outside howling all night. I am exhausted from all the mopping inside and out. Grrrrr......Your poor shawls. I can't even imagine.

  2. I wonder if kitty has a bladder infection. They do that sometimes if theres something going on with their urinary tract

  3. First of all, I love your gramma socks. love them and I'm sure they will be equally loved by their recipient.

    I'm really sorry that the cat is *pissing you off (get it?!?) and got the shawl basket. I'd be furious as well. Beautiful shawls, it's disappointing they bled a little. All that blocking!

  4. Lots of lovely colors in this post! The kids can hardly wait to get their hands on their Grandma-socks...oh, and on their Grandma, too! ;) Can't wait to see the hat!

  5. Oh no! What a shame about the colour bleed on the shawls. Love your blocks for RSC. I designed a new quilt on EQ7 today to make some brown blocks for February.

  6. If you wash the shawls again and throw in a Color Catcher, that might take care of the color migration.


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