Friday, February 12, 2016

Endurance and Expectations

It was a grueling week of health tests in Jacksonville M-T-W this week.  The drive was hard, the testing was barbaric and the drive home exhausting.  (Thank you, Bill, for chauffeuring me, and keeping me emotionally supported through this hurdle!)
No, we did not learn anything new.  I am done talking about my health with 'HealthCareProfessionals'  just for the record.   
We did like being by the ocean each time but it was too cold to enjoy any up close and personal beach time. 
I did finish the hat for David.  What a good knit.
UNLIKE the Mystery KAL shawl....I ran out of yarn 4 critical rows before finish.
When I get done being mad at it, I will rip back the hundreds of stitches several rows to make my own grand finish because I can't just bind off now;  it would look horrid after all my hard work.
Oh, well. 
My little orchid that got attacked by some pest while it was outside for the summer still managed to produce three lovely blooms right on schedule!   I so enjoy them and it was just the kind of beauty I needed right now! 
This is another great therapy-Georgia Peaches!
(Bruce flies in later on Sunday!)


  1. Sorry for the trials of the week and the naughty shawl. The hat is very handsome. As cold as it is everywhere at the moment, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. Have fun with the family!

  2. Medical testing is so very dismal. Sorry to hear it was so horrid. Georgia peaches... cute!

  3. The hat is so beautiful. Glad you had peaches. We made a dessert with peach cobbler the other night. It was low fat and an altered recipe, so It was only good the first evening.....
    special blessings for your health issues. Hugs

  4. The bridge I love to hate. I cringe every time we cross it. Worse when I happen to be driving. {{shudder}}.

  5. I'm glad to hear that the testing is over for now. It certainly is no fun! Hope the rest of your week is much, MUCH better.

  6. I'm sorry about the health issues and the testing and the tedious driving to and fro. Ugh. I am glad that you have Bill there through it all. I need emotional support for so much less! The ocean is beautiful. I'm glad you're finding the beauty in things and have your family to enjoy as well!

  7. Yay for family visits to chase away the "blahs"!


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