Friday, February 26, 2016

Cast On

I love how changing the yarn creates a whole new shawl with the same pattern!
I am knitting with my own hand dyed/hand spun Cormo in the Normilintu pattern on size 7 needles.
I finally reached the first patterning area!


  1. Pretty! I LOVE Cormo. Everything I have knit from my handspun is so soft and wearable. It is so hard to wash though that I always pass it by at the fiber fests. That and the price. Ouch it is expensive these days.

  2. Very pretty.

    I was just reading about Cormo sheep in the new issue of Interweave Knits.

    Another pattern that will be going into my queue. A local friend just finished up this pattern and her's is lovely too.

  3. Oh the colors really are fun and pretty knitting up!

  4. I've never spun cormo - yet:) but I like the "northern lights" colours... you're very productive again!

  5. Very pretty -- it will be fun to watch it develop. So glad you like the pattern! :)

    This post made me chuckle -- because it's about same pattern looking so different because of different yarn/colors, it made me think of trying to explain to newbies who are looking at a pattern how they have to focus on the design of the item and ignore the colors/fabric of the example printed on the pattern...but they just look confused and say, "But I just don't like those colors!" ;)

  6. Oh it is so pretty . I love when the yarn does the work!


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