Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Little Bird

Another shawl hit the finish line! 
There are so many ways to wear it! 
It is light weight and drape-y.  Just right for a Florida accessory.
The Nurmilintu wasn't as hard to block as I feared!
The yarn is a thin cotton/acrylic boucle' .
It was knit on #5 needles with Queensland Collection Uluru yarn.
It was a great knit.   
I got a bit nervous on the bind-off because the yarn was getting short!  I ended up with only 30" left!
That was too close for comfort! 
The pool warmed up enough for Bill to take his first swim of the year!
(80* is too cold for me to join in!)


  1. Look at it this way ......no waste of yarn on THAT project.

    The shawl looks beautiful. A local friend of mine just finished that same pattern.

    P.S. I don't think I'd be in the pool at that temp. either. TOOO chilly!

  2. Pool time!!!! It's miserable here-cold and rainy so that looks like heaven. The shawl is lovely. Perfect for a chilly night around THE POOL!

  3. It turned out beautifully! Hooray! 30" is definitely pretty nervy, though.

    Another 10-12 degrees and the pool temp will be ready for me!!

  4. you'll wear the woollies, while your husband is out for a swim:) and you have enough yarn left to mend if necessary - but no leftovers clogging your stash, that's perfect (though I know how nerve-racking the last bit of knitting can be:).

  5. I LOVE that yarn. I must get some! !Great finish. Snowstorm here.

  6. Compared to my 35 degree, wind blowing like a banshee weather I would love to jump into an 80 degree pool!!! Lovely shawl.

  7. You are definitely on a shawl roll! It looks great. First OUTDOOR swim, wow! It's definitely warm around here too. I would be okay with some more rain though.


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