Sunday, April 3, 2016

Attraction Aroma

We have this very large, leafy tree on our front porch.   It is a Dracaena Fragrans .  When it is hit with a cold spell such as our several freezes this winter, it will often produce flowers.
Most of the year, I water it and care for it and admire the tree frogs and lizards that seek refuge there! 
So, once a year, it goes all out and produces a stem of these large flowers.  This year it has three stems of flowers!   They are 18" stems of blooms!
It might not be the most beautiful flower, it certainly isn't an impressive plant (most common name is the corn plant)  but what it does is produce the most amazing night time aroma that attracts moths and interested homeowners! 
During the day, these clusters close up and you can't smell a thing!
As the sun goes down and the air stays warm and humid, the clusters unfold and the aroma wafts on the breeze!
This is a wonderful experience because so many of the showy and colorful blooms have NO smell and so this smell is just what I think a hibiscus should smell like!
It's a heady sniff after all the oak pollen! lol


  1. Mmmm....I can't wait for the honeysuckle to bloom here. It's our only fragrant bloom and the whole yard will smell great for about a week or so.

  2. That sounds amazing. I'm sure we'll get flowers here -- if it ever stops snowing!

  3. Ohhhh I love night blooming jasmine so I'd probably love this. I think it is so cute that tree frogs live in there. Do you have a photo of them

  4. So nice to have a tangible benefit of winter frosts! Will it last until I get there to smell it?


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