Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clearing the Knitting Queue

The Little Tea Leaves Sweater is finished and I am glad to see the end of this!  I am not sure about the is dense and the 'little' size 4 sweater is heavy.  I knit the ruffle for the sleeves and then grafted it with Kitchener stitch to the sleeves.  It isn't hard, just fussy.  The yarn is soft and has a sheen from the bamboo in it.  Sometimes I have to be done with something a while before I like it again! 
And sometimes, I like a knit all the way through and am sorry to see it finished! 
I whipped through a sock... 
With an afterthought heel placement so I can make another pair of yoga/flipflop socks. 
Like these!  I am experimenting with the heel finish as I wasn't topnotch thrilled with the last pair.
They work just fine, it's just not exactly what it should be.  I will see with this next pair!
That's all on my needles lately.
Socks can be a nice respite for me in the knitting world.


  1. Woo hoo! You go. Look at all those amazing things finished!!!

  2. The pink sweater sure is pretty, though! Looking forward to knitting with you soon. :)


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