Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nurmilintu #4

This time the shawl is large, warm and comfy.
The yarn is hand spun and dyed Cormo sport weight.
I used size 8 needles. 
Right off the needles, it would have been useable.  It was large enough to make a good shawl. 
But the magic of blocking firmly opens up the stitches and makes a shawl with drape which is much more comfortable and attractive.  I have used up all my Cormo now.  I like making a dent in the stash!


  1. That's my kind of shawl. Pretty but really useful. I can just feel that squishy Cormo from here!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Oh, I love when I used up stash!!! But, then I like BUILDING the stash too. LOL

  3. Lovely finish. I shouldn't be, but always amazed at the blocking phenom!!

  4. Very nice. I love when things open up in the blocking process. Excellent de-stashing work!

  5. Very striking colors! Pretty. Glad I spent so much money on that pattern for your've sure gotten good mileage out of it! :-D


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