Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring for Sure

 My King Orchid rules the pool patio area.
Though the ground orchid is pretty spectacular this year, too!
 The African Irises are pretty glorious, too.
 The Amaryllis simmers out front.
 The Fringe Tree welcomes you as you turn in our driveway.
This is            , meaning it flowers before the leaves come out!  This tree is also in the Olive family.
AND it smells delicious!  It is rare to have a great smelling flower but this is one you want to savor in your yard!
Here is the full on shot of the King Orchid so you can see that it has outdone itself this year!
I've planted some Mexican Daisies, Ageratum, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, Begonias and Calendula for future enjoyment!

(And got overheated for my outdoor endeavors.  MS messes with your ability to regulate your body temperature and it is way too easy to overheat.  I thought I was doing ok until I wasn't so I headed to the pool for a cool down.  Unfortunately, the pool temperature was 97F which did nothing for me except get me wet!
Bill hasn't been able to go in the pool because of his cast so he hasn't been paying attention to the pool temp and turning off the solar heater when needed....oops!  I admitted for the first time that the pool was too hot!  Not a typical complaint by me.)


  1. you could add some salt bombs and have a nice bath outside with the whole family:) though I could do with a warm pool - we are down to 5 deg. C - and even had snow over night on higher ground:( your orchids are gorgeous again - esp. the fiery red one! they must be very inspirational for dyeing and/or painting?

  2. So much beautiful color in your yard right now. I've been looking for some of those ground orchids to add to the planting area in our pool screen. How do they handle a frost??? I'm assuming you get more frost nights than we do.

    Enjoy all your lovely flowers.

  3. I love spring time in Putnam. That should be a song... Spriiiiing Time in Puuuutnam!

  4. Beautiful flowers!! We have dogwoods and azaleas blooming here ...

  5. Wow.....just what I needed on a day like today. I had to go unpack my long underwear. Brrrrr..

  6. What an incredible garden you must have!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos of your orchids! I've been searching for color inspiration for a block swap I'm in; may I use your ground orchid photo to show the others in the group the colors I want?


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