Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We Interrupt This Sweater Knitting...

 I paused while knitting the sweater...I am not happy that the front bands pull in and will have to rip out and try something else.  So I was ripe for the temptation of this alluring photo-
A pair of socks for yoga or better yet, flip-flops! 
I couldn't wait to begin!  It only used one skein of sock yarn;  this is Patons.
I just bound off the stitches after four inches of knitting and immediately cast the same number of stitches back on for the leg of the sock and lickeckety-split, they were done! 
I did go back with the little bit of yarn left and crochet around the heel opening to make it lay flat and look prettier!
I can't wait to make another pair!


  1. Cute socks! I never thought about socks and flip flops.

  2. Darn the naughty sweater! Love your pedi socks. I gifted some to a knit pal and she just adores them for pedicures.

  3. I love the yoke on the baby sweater. It reminds me of smocking.

    The flip-flop socks are so cute!

  4. Flip flop socks - v clever! And gorgeous colours too :)


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