Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blooms Galore!

Roses are very much in bloom at my Dad's.  He has a green thumb extraordinaire! 
Lots of them! 
And even though it is drought conditions here, my Dad carries his water out to them every day.
We have always enjoyed the gladiolas in his vegetable garden! 
The two little rains they have had while I've been here sure rescued several plants. 
Isn't this a great inspiration for some yarn!? 
He still grows his huge Dahlias, too.  I managed to catch a visitor on this one!
But see how the drought has drooped the petals? 
The Heliopsis is looking pretty good!  Dad says no matter how many times he separates and reduces or pulls up an area-they come back strong the next year!
Yes, he has green thumbs! 
Just beautiful! 
The drumsticks and the mums keep each other company! 
Isn't this just amazing?  What a beautiful way to be greeted coming and going!
A little bit of knitting is going on between things....I tried to teach this one to my Mom.
She didn't enjoy it one bit and decided that at her age, she doesn't have to waste time on new if she doesn't want to!  lol  I always offer new things and sometimes I hit a homerun and sometimes, like this one, it's a strike out!


  1. Well I say it is a home run. What a fun pattern! Al loves sunflowers. you and your mom are so right on. IF it doesnt thrill you, move on along to the next project. It isn't supposed to be a drag!
    Our flowing baskets are pathetic compared to your dads . His is an amazing ball !!

  2. Beautiful flowers!

    And you know, I have to agree with your mom. I have frogged several projects over the last couple of years simply because I was not enjoying them. Hobbies are supposed to be fun.

  3. What gorgeous flowers. He does indeed have the gift. I wish he was my neighbor!

  4. Your mom is a wise, wise woman.

    Is there a reason for gladiolas in the garden (other than beauty)? My grandfather always had some there too. Your dad has BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  5. I always love to see Grandpa's flowers! I was sad to miss his glads this year but am happy to see pictures, at least... thanks for sharing. :)


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