Monday, May 6, 2024


Out for a drive yesterday, we could see smoke off to our left and so decided to be adventurous and investigate.  
Within minutes of our discovery, the first of many vehicles arrived!
The flames and darkened smoke grew! 
 It was our county landfill!  It was an interesting diversion!
At home, I have some exciting blooms!  The dahlia survived the winter and the bulb wasn't devoured by critters!  And there are so many buds, I will have flowers for weeks to come!


  1. Your dahlia is beautiful. Ours are planted - can't wait for them to come up!!

  2. Glad no one was in peril. Love the shawl!! I do love the transformation of blocking lace.

  3. Oh, my that was a sight to see. I was stuck on the Beltway on Saturday coming home from the MDSW and ended up having to take a long detour. I saw on the news yesterday it was because they found a murdered woman in a car on the shoulder. You never know.....that's for sure.

  4. I love Dahlias! We can only grow them as annuals here.

  5. Hooray for the Hardy Dahlia!

  6. UGH --- landfill fires are the WORST.

    A couple of years ago a wood dump out in the next town caught fire. The fire departments were out there for FOUR DAYS until they could get it all plowed over and watered down.

    Now I will say was four quiet stitching days out at my house, but ................ well, no one wants a dump fire.

    Your dahlia is AH-mazing!


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