Saturday, May 18, 2024


We drove 30 minutes north of my parents' home to Scriba, NY; 
and where my grandparents are born. This is my Dad's Mom.

And his Dad.

My Mom's parents.
And this is my parents' headstone that Dad tends each year--how many can say they have tended 
and planted flowers at their OWN gravestone!?!
It is tradition to go to Rudy's Fish Fry on the Lake (Ontaria) 
after the visit to the cemetery.  Me and my little Sis!
Sister, Dad, cousin, me, Mom, cousin.
(I grew up with these 4 brothers -1 left before pic time
 and the other couldn't make it)

He was waiting for us to drop a bit of our fish or fries!

The Lake was very calm but no smoke coming across from Canadian wildfires like we say during last year's visit.
This was the coolest driftwood stump! 
 It looked like a cat's paw!!!!
I couldn't resist a pose!
(and yes, I gathered a few rocks to bring home!)


  1. Too bad you couldn’t take home that stump in your suitcase…it would be beautiful in the pool area and the cats would love it! :) -Marsel

  2. What wonderful photos!
    I was just saying to The Mister how no one tends my grandparents and great grandparents graves anymore. I don't even know where most of them are buried. I remember going as a child with my grandmother to do it. My sister's been using Find A to see if we can figure out where they are.

  3. I tend to wait until after Memorial day to put flowers out on our relatives graves. Right after that, the cemetery picks up and throws everything away! I think that's really sad. So I wait until the middle of June to take summer decorations out. I try to put new flowers on Dennis's maternal & paternal grandparents, his baby sisters and Dad's, my parents and a few aunts and uncles that are buried close by.
    I'm glad you're enjoying visits with relatives too. The photos of the lake are wonderful. I've never seen Lake Ontario.

  4. Old cemeteries are fascinating to me. I regret that I live so far from my parents' graves.

  5. That driftwood stump looks amazing! This post reminded me it’s time to take a trip to visit my mom and grandmothers gravesites.

  6. Looks like fun! Now I'm craving fish!!! LOL

  7. Oh how I miss that lake! I love where we live, but I do miss the water


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