Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Give me a Day.....

I finished the pumpkin wall hanging for Millie this morning.
I love how she lets me just do whatever and have fun with the quilting. 
I loaded up another of her quilt tops (she had completed three quilts for me to do!)
This one is a sweet flannel top. 
I knew what I wanted to do immediately and after a bit of mental practice, I had the quilting plan all in order and just got going! 
When a quilt goes so quickly, it is kind of sad to see it done!
That's all right, I loaded the next one on and  I don't have a plan for that yet so it will wait for another day and fresher muscles! 
Happy package came in the mail;  if you haven't found the site, Simply Sock Yarn, give it a go.
I ordered this on Saturday and it's already here!  
Nothing like great service. 
I know I posted about Aunt Louisa already, but I painted her frame and added her own crochet hook which is now standing on the right side.  It is a number 13 or 15, slightly bent from working so much but it is now with the lace and it makes me happy to have it on the wall of my bedroom! 
I'm sorry this is a bit blurry-I would take another pic except it is already mailed out for the birthday girl, grand daughter Aria, who lives in Seattle!
She is going on a train ride for her birthday and I thought a t-shirt for the occasion would be a welcomed idea! 
I made another rail car so it would go around to the back of the shirt also.
And I just had to fussy cut some flamingoes for the windows!
I hit the recliner with a smile on my face for having had some good studio time!


  1. Oh my! A flamingo on a train! Well, you know I just LOVE that. Happy birthday to your sweet Aria!

    Aunt Louisa's shadow box turned out very nice! What a wonderful memory box. I can't imagine how tightly she held that needle to bend it like that. LOL I had some bamboo sock needles that bent, but I don't think I've ever bent a metal one.

  2. So many good things! That shadow box is brilliant. I have a quilting great grandma that I should do that for. How nice it would be to be remembered for all the crafting we do.


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