Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Finished Hat

 This 5th Striped Aviator Hat is for my little miss in Seattle.
I already cast one just like it for her sister!
(I decided to use a code for the stripes of these two hats-
I have used my zip code to decide the striping pattern, read from the bottom up!)
 Little Lena knows how to pick the best spot in the evening! 
While it isn't going to freeze again, it is a very chilly and damp 40 and the fires feels good-
THIS good!


  1. The hat is so pretty, and the code in the stripes is really fun!

    Cats are experts in warm and comfy...

  2. You are a hat making machine! Kitty has the right idea. We are still missing our woodstove and it's been in the teens here. Brrr....

  3. Love the striping!! I am going to have to use that method.

  4. Your zip code plan is soooooo neat. I love it. I may have to copy that. Cats, we can learn so much from them.

  5. That aviator is really darling. Very cute. I love that the sisters each get one. That Lena is living the life! super cute.

  6. Giroux ♥ when we had a fire going.

    How is her leg healing?


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