Monday, January 2, 2017

First Finished Object

 I finished the blue hat I cast on Friday!
I am in the process of changing the hat pattern from flat to in the round so the numbers have to be tweaked but I think I have the bugs worked out now and since I have two more hats to make, I will get a chance to check it out.  I have to change the way the row ends for the garter rows so that the change won't show in front of the earflap.  Hoping the next hate shows it right down the center back!

 After church yesterday, we picked up Will for a visit!  He asks all the time and this time we did it!
Of course, he had a long list of fun he wanted to tackle!
Metal detecting was near the top of the list.
What a great time we had digging holes and finding treasures!
I told him I was hoping to find a coin.
He said he wanted to find a big wooden box filled with gold from a pirate.
It's good to have high hopes!
He wasn't the least bit discouraged after an hour and a half of digging in the hot, 83F sun!
 He rode back on the back of the golf cart so he could guard his finds!
 He enjoyed scrubbing his finds clean.
 He liked his copper tubing and the brick.
We will put the wire in Grandpa's scrap metal pile.
I was surprised the alarm went crazy for the piece of glass we found until we cleaned it and saw it was decorated with metal which has silver in it!
Too bad it is only a fragment of the bottle!
After lunch and cooling off, we went to help open up my parents winter home as they fly in tomorrow!
Bill will stay home with Will and I get to go to the airport to pick up my brother, sister-in-law and parents!
Will says he wants to leave his tower for them to see when they get here tomorrow!


  1. That looks like a pretty great tower. It will be interesting to see if it lasts until tomorrow. LOL Little boys and standing towers ....well, lets just say the temptation to knock them over is strong.

    Your hats look wonderful! Someone will have very cozy ears!

  2. He is such a big guy now! He seems so much older every time I "see" him. It's nice that he's cooperative for pictures for you now, too!

  3. What a sweet little guy looking for treasure! That's just so cute.

  4. Cute hats! I hope he finds his chest full of gold one day!

  5. Hats came out Great. Will is adorable. Enjoy the family time for our winter months. The wind is very strong in Wisconsin today and it is bitter out. TOmorrow I'll make chili. It is FREEZING and I have to walk to the mailbox. :)


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